Is Your Engineering Company the Best Firm to Work For?  


Is Your Firm a Great Place to Work? Are You Looking to Recruit Top Talent and Get Statewide Recognition?

Consider nominating your company for ISPE's Best Engineering Firms to Work for Competition.

Our model will evaluate firms based on the factors most important to Professional Engineers: salary, benefits, corporate culture, team effectiveness, feeling of value, educational and career development opportunities.

Our concluding report will highlight the top 5 Best Firms to Work For and will be available to ISPE members, universities, and professionals across the state. 

Complete the nomination form before September 30 to be considered. Approximately 1 week after the deadline date, a link to the Best Firms survey will sent to each nominee to distribute to employees. Employee responses will be accepted until 
October 31. The top 5 winning firms will be announced around the first of the year.

*Engineering Enterprises, Inc. from Sugar Grove Ranked the Highest as the Best Engineering Firm to Work For in 2014.*