IDFPR Renewal Portal Now Open!

The Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation announced the renewal portal is now up and operating. A notification was sent to your email address of record from the Department. If you did not receive this, please check your spam folder. The deadline to renew is still Feb. 28, 2022 and the Department recommends using that date when sealing documents.

As a reminder, the law requiring a sexual harassment prevention PDH for licensees was recently updated to provide that IF you participated in the state-required training that all employees must now take, you do not also need to complete a sexual harassment PDH course. Either one of these courses now meets the requirement. This may or may not be entirely obvious when you renew your license. We are still waiting to hear from IDFPR on the exact language that will be included in the renewal process. If you are retired, not employed in Illinois, or have not completed the required training through your employer, ISPE offers a training that will meet the requirement on our website. It is free for ISPE members. Learn more here.

PDHs earned between December 1 and the end of the extension can be used either toward the license that is currently up for renewal OR for the license that will be up for renewal in 2023, but not both. 


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