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Available Programs

Keynote Presentation: Senator Ram Villivalam (1 PDH)
Senator Ram Villivalam, Chair of the Illinois Senate Transportation, will kick off this year’s conference and share his insights about post-COVID 19 realities, the status of the state capital budget and what he is anticipating for the new fiscal year that begins July 1.

7 Deadly Sins of E-mail (1 PDH)
Emails are part of the oxygen of our daily lives. They are a primary path of communication and we use them to get things done. Yet given the litigious nature of our world, it is critical to treat this common form of communication with the attention it needs and think very carefully about what we write and why we write it. This three-part program presents examples of self-implicating and subsequently weaponized emails and guidelines for writing appropriate, shorter, and clearer messages.

Challenges and Successes of the Lake Springfield Watershed (1 PDH)
Ted Meckes will discuss challenges with water treatment and nutrient loading, success stories and the hardships encountered with the management of such a large lake and watershed.

Biological Phosphorous Removal: Stickney and Calumet Plants (1 PDH)
Due to upcoming phosporous permit limits at two of the District's largest plants, we will discuss site specific approaches to achieve phosphorous removal biologically.

Gimme Shelter: Professional Liability and Contract Provisions (1 PDH)
Owner-drafted design contracts seem to contain the same themes, over and over. They can be packed with one-sided provisions that modify the standard of care, create un-insurable and sometimes unattainable obligations, and unfairly transfer risk which cannot be controlled by the design professional. Join experts Eric Singer, attorney with the law firm of Ice Miller LLP, and Melissa Roberts, risk manager with insurance broker USI Insurance Services LLC, as they lead a lively conversation on some of the worst of the worst, to understand their risks and to hear some strategies for negotiation when these clauses appear in your agreements.

NSPE Update: Engineering- The Basics (1 PDH)
This presentation will focus on professional engineering ethics principles and concepts, including such topics as protection of the public health, safety and welfare, professional competency, objectivity, truthfulness, confidentiality, conflicts of interest and emerging issues/challenges affecting the practice of engineering. Examples of ethical dilemmas will be reviewed and discussed.

Clean Air Act Regulation Requirements: Wastewater Treatment (1 PDH)
The regulatory requirements under the Clean Air Act for emissions from POTWs are quite variable and depend on factors such as the unit process and the contribution of industrial flows. This presentation will address the applicability of the CAA to POTWs and the monitoring and reporting requirements.

Sexual Harassment and Respect in the Workplace (1 PDH)
Sexual harassment, discrimination and retaliation are prohibited in the workplace. In this session you will learn the definition and types of sexual and other unlawful harassment, understand your role and responsibilities, learn how to recognize, report, and react to sexual and other unlawful harassment, and learn to recognize potential harassment situations.

Understanding Cyber Threats from a Hacker's Perspective (1 PDH)
Cyber risk continues to be a matter of critical importance for businesses of all sizes. This presentation will focus on creating awareness around the exposures that companies face, the emerging cyber threats and trends, and highlighting some "best practices" that firms can adopt to improve their security posture.

Utilizing Large Diameter Underground Piping for CSO Storage (1 PDH)
Many communities across Illinois and the Midwest have seen continued, strenuous demands on their underground stormwater and sanitary sewer infrastructure with increasing occurrences of large, high intensity rain events.  Communities with aging combined sewer infrastructure continue to work towards means and methods to reduce combined sewer overflows into our watersheds through a variety of practices including green infrastructure, sewer separation, inflow & infiltration repairs, and more.  This presentation focuses on the practice of utilizing large diameter underground piping for CSO storage in areas that can find solutions by implementing modernized storage practices in a variety of fashions.  Specifically, attendees will gain a better understanding of best design, construction and operational practices from lessons learned through currently active systems across the Midwest, with the hope of gaining the ability to evaluate and apply the knowledge on future efforts within communities in Illinois.

IDFPR Updates (1 PDH)
IDFPR's Staff Liaison for State Board of Professional Engineers, will address various relevant and timely topics.

Designing a Resilient Infrastructure (1 PDH)
This 50-minute presentation begins by discussing how important it is for designers to take the "long view" and prepare for any contingency which might threaten our critical infrastructure. Clayton will go on to explain how drainage systems, in particular, may be affected by extreme events. Finally, concrete is shown to be a superior material in reducing potential damage, protecting human life, and minimizing restoration time and cost.

Medical Facility Design and Planning for "What If" (1 PDH)
What is the next "What if?" In 2020, it is COVID-19, in 2014 it was Ebola, what's next? How can you, as a Professional Engineer, play a critical role in protecting your clients, their patients, and even the United States from the next threat, be it chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear, or the next emerging infectious disease.

Capital Program Update (1 PDH)
Representatives of the Illinois Department of Transportation, the Illinois Tollway, and the Capital Development Board will discuss capital projects most likely to affect you.