Professional Engineering Management Award

Previous Recipients

1984 Dale Klohr, PE
1985 Ralph Speer, Jr., PE
1986 Lynn Frasco, PE
1987 Richard Barnett, PE
1988 Frank Madonia, PE
1989 Richard Pfundstein, PE
1990 Louis Koncza, SE
1991 Robert Shierry, PE
1992 Richard T. Berning, PE
1993 Donald R. Vonnahme, PE
1994 Eugene Wilkinson, PE, SE                  
1995 Frank Dalton, PE
1996 Allan Poole, PE
1997 George Sodemann, PE & Brian Whiston, PE
1998 Kirk Brown, PE
2000 John R. Farnsworth, PE
2001 Bernhard H. Klingenberg, PE,PLS & L. Duane Yockey, PE
2002 David Weber, PE & David Dietzel, PE
2003 Dennis Schmidt, PE
2004 Richard A. Baumann, PE
2005 William Gray, PE
2006 George Farnsworth, PE
2007 Michael Little, PE & Ron Steenken, PE
2008 J. Jeffery Blue, PE
2009 Jerry Hinrichs, PE
2010 Michael Hall, PE
2011 Donald L. Adams, PE
2012 Steve Myers, PE
2013 Linda Huff, PE
2014 Keith Erickson, PE
Recognizes a person in a management capacity supervising activities of engineers.  This award may be made for management in government, industry, consulting engineering, research, educational, or public service organizations.

Criteria / Method of Selection

The candidate manager shall have provided leadership in achievement of technical goals, encouraged and inspired technical and professional achievement, and demonstrated a continuing concern for professional ethics.

The candidate shall be (1) a licensed professional engineer and (2) either a manager of an engineering group, department, or company, with supervisory authority over two or more professional engineers or an officer of a company employing professional engineers.

Candidates may be nominated by ISPE chapters or by a member of the ISPE Executive Committee.

The ISPE Honors and Awards Committee will select not more than two persons each year based in the information included in the nomination packet.  Nominations shall be in the format and order prescribed below.

ISPE Nomination Format

Cover sheet (containing the following):
  1. Name of the Award
  2. Name of the Nominee
  3. Address of the Nominee
  4. Nomination Submitted by
  5. Submitter’s Telephone number / Email Address
  6. ISPE Chapter Submitter

Biographical Information (in the following order):
  1. Type of Work Managed by the Nominee  -  Be sure to include the number and type of engineers and of professional engineers under the nominee’s supervision.
  2. Letter of Recommendation  - Provide a letter of recommendation from one professional engineer under the nominee’s supervision.
  3. Letter of Recommendation - Provide a letter of recommendation from one member of ISPE
  4. Why the Nominee is Qualified for this Award – Use a separate page to provide examples of leadership, encouraging the highest levels of engineering competence, and demonstrating the highest levels of professional ethics.