Member Benefits

Some call it networking. I call it strengthening my safety net. By participating in ISPE, I get to know other engineers and these friendships help me in my profession. It's easy to call someone I know to ask advice on how to handle a problem. When I need a partner for a project, it's easier to work with someone I know personally. My friends and clients are located all over the country. My network and my business continue to grow through my involvement with ISPE and NSPE.  Zeyn B. Uzman, PE, SE, F.NSPE

Professional Development

ISPE offers a wide range of affordable professional development opportunities tailored to the needs of all engineers practicing in Illinois. ISPE hosts an annual convention attended by engineers from every corner of the state; a Professional Development “Boot Camp” every Fall for either Professional or Structural Engineers needing additional hours to renew their license; free webinars the first Friday of each month; numerous on-demand webinars; and seminars on the state and local chapter level through the year. Our goal is to provide a one-stop resource for education and information that our members need to stay on top of their profession.

Your Questions Answered

​Our team of experts helps ISPE members navigate the maze of state and local government regulations and make sure they have the information they need to obtain and maintain their professional licenses. We provide the latest information about Qualifications-Based Selection laws and other regulations that impact the engineering profession every day.

Hone Your Leadership Skills

ISPE offers dozens of leadership opportunities for its members. By getting involved in local chapter or state leadership or contributing time to one of ISPE’s committees, ISPE members can improve their leadership skills, advance their careers and make a difference in the world.

Get the Latest Information

Change occurs at an ever-increasing pace in the engineering profession. ISPE helps its members keep abreast of the latest trends through its educational programs, and its bi-weekly electronic newsletter, Illinois Engineer This Week. No other engineering organization works harder to put timely and relevant information in the hands of its members.

Image is Everything

ISPE promotes a positive image of engineers as problem solvers and protectors of public health and safety, and actively seeks appropriate media opportunities. We work with reporters throughout the state to provide ISPE members who speak for your profession and serve as expert commentators on public safety and other engineering-related issues.

Protecting Your License and Practice

ISPE leads the way in protecting your Professional Engineer license. Every year, other professions and practitioners seek to expand their roles at the expense of the practice of professional engineering. ISPE remains vigilant in protecting encroachment from non-engineering professions on the work that only Professional Engineers are trained and qualified to perform. It’s a charge that we take very seriously, and we know our members do too. And, ISPE members subscribe to a Code of Ethics that sets the standard for the lawful and ethical practice of engineering.

Networking Opportunities

​Membership in ISPE offers opportunities for exchange of ideas, networking and mentoring opportunities with thousands of other like-minded professionals practicing in Illinois and across the country. Join our Facebook group at Illinois Society of Professional Engineers-ISPE, attend a local chapter meeting, mentor a young engineer or connect at the annual convention like hundreds of your fellow Illinois engineers do every year.

Career Advancement

ISPE members enjoy limitless opportunities to advance their careers through contacts they make and through our new and improved Career Center. Employers looking for qualified professional engineers post opportunities on our site because they know that ISPE members are committed to their profession and offer excellent experience and leadership skills. Job seekers use the site to confidentially post their resumes and get access to the best opportunities.

Preparing the Next Generation of Engineers

ISPE members take pride in their profession and are committed to guiding future and young engineers toward engineering careers. Through active involvement in programs like MATHCOUNTS, mentoring and job shadowing, ISPE members are giving back to their profession and helping future generations of engineers. The Illinois Society of Professional Engineers annually hosts the state’s only public recognition ceremony for newly-licensed Professional Engineers and Structural Engineers.

Local Chapter Involvement

​Active involvement in ISPE and its local chapters provides opportunities to earn professional development hours required for renewal of your Illinois PE license. Local chapters also offer an excellent place to network, grow your leadership skills and give back to the community.