Sexual Harrassment Prevention
Sexual Harrassment Prevention
On Friday Aug. 6, Gov. Pritzker signed SB 1079 into law making it Public Act 102-0308. The bill removes the PDH requirement for sexual harassment prevention training (SHPT), but still requires licensed personnel to show proof of SHPT when they renew their license.

Following a series of high profile sexual harassment cases both nationally and in the state, a 2019 law required licensed personnel to have 1 PDH of SHPT in order to renew their license and required all Illinois employers to provide SHPT to their employees annually.

Gov. Pritzker's signature of SB 1079 eliminates the duplicative requirement and now allows licensed professionals to show participation in an employer’s annual sexual harassment prevention training as proof of training when renewing a license with IDFPR.

Retired licensees will still need to obtain SHPT elsewhere in order to renew their licenses.

This training provides an overview of sexual harassment in and out of the workplace. It identifies four main objectives:

1. Define sexual harassment, including its forms and types;
2. Identify how to respond if you experience or witness unwelcome sexual harassment;
3. Identify how to report sexual harassment within your place of employment and to outside entities such as the Illinois Department of Human Rights; and
4. Understand whistleblower protections.

A post-assessment will follow this training. Approximate time to complete the training course is 1 hour. Approximate time needed to complete the post-test is 10 minutes

Speaker: Elizabeth Vogt, MA – FrontlineCo
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